Best Keyword Research Techniques

Digital Marketing: Keyword Research

This blog is one of my most important ‘Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing‘ because, it all starts with research. Before creating a search campaign in Google AdWords, you must do extensive keyword research on keyword variations. Consumers use keywords in search engines to define what service, product, or information they are looking for. Therefore, keywords model consumer search behavior. These are the keywords you should focus on, either highly relevant or high volume keywords.

From these keywords you gather insight as to how far in the purchase funnel a particular consumer might be. For example, whether or not they use short or long-tail keywords in their search. A short-tail keyword could be ‘electric car’, while the long-tail keyword would be ‘best electric car 2016’. Long-tail keywords tend to tell the marketer that the consumer is closer to purchasing the product being researched.

A useful tool in finding accurate search volumes for a particular keyword is Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool. It’s become the standard for keyword research planning. The Keyword Planner Tool will help you get new keyword ideas using a phrase, and it can also give you search volume and trend data.

keyword research

The Keyword Planner Tool can provide closely or broadly related search terms relative to a given keyword. It helps in determining consumer behaviors, and also helps by estimating the budget of all of your campaigns. It is usually beneficial to use the broad match type, as this will help you reach the widest audience possible. There are many other match types you can use for keywords as well. Such as, modified broad match type, phrase match type and exact match type.

If you would like to learn how to start performing keyword research, you should check out the blog I have linked below: