What is Programmatic Display Buying?

What is Programmatic Display Buying?

Programmatic display buying involves using Google AdWords Display Network to gain customer attention earlier in the purchase funnel. The Google Display Network is structured to find the right customers for your business across millions of pages. Therefore, you can be strategic in putting your message in front of your audience at the right time and place.

First of all, to find the right audience you need to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner Tool. Next, make a list of keywords and topics and put it into AdWords, Google then uses contextual targeting to reach customers. In the Display Network, you can choose which sites your ads will be shown on. In addition, you can choose specific websites, different types of websites, or different audiences to display to. Also, using manual placement allows you to display on videos, games, or even mobile apps. If you want to target a specific type of consumer you should choose to market to in-market audiences. Opposite, if you want to target a broad audience you should use affinity audience targeting.

In addition, you want to utilize a variety of different ad formats; this is your chance to engage the user. Using Display you can increase brand awareness of your business, build loyalty, and sell more products or services.

Programmatic Display Buying

Goals and Results …

Finally, you will want to continuously monitor your performance. AdWords Display lets you see how your results stack up to your goals. It does this by showing you which pages gave you the most sales at the lowest cost, and which ads got the most clicks. Looking at your report, you can make adjustments to your bidding and targeting strategies to get the most value. In addition, AdWords may automatically adjust some things if data shows it will help you reach your goals.

For a more in depth and professional outlook of programmatic advertising, you should look to MarketingLand (link below).