Organic SEO with Social Mention

Social Mention …

You may ask yourself, what is Social Mention? Is it an idea or a method of doing something? Neither, it’s an application that may very well keep your business up to date with all the latest trends. So, how do you use it, and what does it do? We will discuss both of these in a bit.

How … ?

The first thing you want to do is check the frequency with which your keywords are being searched for. In addition, you want to determine where and how people are talking about your product or service. Also, this can help you keep up to date on the ‘juicy’ gossip people spread about your business. This stage of keyword research may be time-consuming; thankfully, applications like Social Mention emerged to save us all some time!

Social Mention

If you were to work on a website for a customer, one of the first things you want to do is learn who they work with and prosper from. This will help you decide which social media, back-links, and blogs to focus on in terms of who will be likely to link back to the customers page.

Furthermore, Social Mention operates similarly to Google AdWords. You visit their main page and input the keywords you wish to track; also, you can input which social medias you want to track on. They have a list of over 100 different social media platforms to track your audience on. In just a few minutes you can see who visited your page. In addition, you can also filter the users in a variety of different ways like ‘sentiment’ or ‘influence’. Hence, understanding what people are saying, and in which context, should help you create content that will drive traffic to your page.

For a more in depth look at Social Mention, check out the blog at KissMetrics that I have linked below.

Bidding Optimization Strategies

Bidding Optimization …

Advertising on Google relies heavily on bidding optimization; yet, it isn’t necessarily true that the highest bid gets their ad ranked the highest. Equally as important, is the quality of the ad itself. Therefore, if two people bid the same amount and one has higher ad quality, then they will win the placement and rank more highly and at a lower cost than the other user. While, if both users had the same ad quality, the one who paid more will win the auction. Also, you don’t always pay the maximum of your bid for ad placement. Google charges you only as much as is needed to beat the runner up. In addition, if you would like to learn more about the AdWords Auction process, then please watch the video below.

Budgeting …

When you create an advertising campaign, you should always input a daily budget. You may ask yourself what an appropriate budget might be for your business. To answer this, ask yourself how much you can afford. You should assume that Google will consume your total budget every day, from this you can figure out a monthly budget. This monthly budget will indicate how much you can accomplish, but don’t get discouraged if you own a small business! You don’t necessarily need a large budget to achieve large results. Consequently, having a small budget can make it difficult to try different variations of ads. You will need to rely on having a strong quality score for your ads.

In addition, you need to look at the lifetime value of your customers. You need to think about how much money you will be making off of this customer over their lifetime, versus how much it cost you to acquire that customer. This will let you know if your ad was profitable in this instance.

For a more in depth, and professional perspective, check out the link to SearchEngineLand below!

Common Bidding Strategies …

  • Cost-per-Click = This method is used to push traffic towards your webpage in multiple different ways. It is the most common bidding strategy.
  • Cost-per-Impression = This method is used primarily to build brand awareness. Or if you want more users to see your message.
  • Cost-per-Acquisition = This method is used to drive conversion; this could be in the form of a sale, phone call, completed web form, etc.

Flexible Bidding Strategies …

Bidding Optimization

Each of the six automated bidding strategies can be found in the graphic below; if you would like a more in depth look at what each of them do, then please follow the link below.

Best Keyword Research Techniques

Digital Marketing: Keyword Research

This blog is one of my most important ‘Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing‘ because, it all starts with research. Before creating a search campaign in Google AdWords, you must do extensive keyword research on keyword variations. Consumers use keywords in search engines to define what service, product, or information they are looking for. Therefore, keywords model consumer search behavior. These are the keywords you should focus on, either highly relevant or high volume keywords.

From these keywords you gather insight as to how far in the purchase funnel a particular consumer might be. For example, whether or not they use short or long-tail keywords in their search. A short-tail keyword could be ‘electric car’, while the long-tail keyword would be ‘best electric car 2016’. Long-tail keywords tend to tell the marketer that the consumer is closer to purchasing the product being researched.

A useful tool in finding accurate search volumes for a particular keyword is Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool. It’s become the standard for keyword research planning. The Keyword Planner Tool will help you get new keyword ideas using a phrase, and it can also give you search volume and trend data.

keyword research

The Keyword Planner Tool can provide closely or broadly related search terms relative to a given keyword. It helps in determining consumer behaviors, and also helps by estimating the budget of all of your campaigns. It is usually beneficial to use the broad match type, as this will help you reach the widest audience possible. There are many other match types you can use for keywords as well. Such as, modified broad match type, phrase match type and exact match type.

If you would like to learn how to start performing keyword research, you should check out the blog I have linked below: